Mitt Romney Speeches & Remarks



2012 Mitt Romney Presidential Election Speeches and Remarks

Actor Date Title
Mitt Romney June 2, 2011 Remarks Announcing Candidacy for President in Stratham, New Hampshire
Mitt Romney August 30, 2011 Remarks at the 112th Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in San Antonio, Texas
Mitt Romney September 2, 2011 Remarks to Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Tampa, Florida
Mitt Romney October 7, 2011 Remarks on U.S. Foreign Policy at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina
Mitt Romney October 8, 2011 Remarks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.
Mitt Romney December 20, 2011 Remarks in Bedford, New Hampshire
Mitt Romney January 3, 2012 Remarks in Des Moines Following the Iowa Caucuses
Mitt Romney January 10, 2012 Remarks in Manchester Following the New Hampshire Primary
Mitt Romney January 21, 2012 Remarks in Columbia Following the South Carolina Primary
Mitt Romney January 24, 2012 Remarks in Tampa, Florida on President Obama’s State of the Union Address
Mitt Romney January 31, 2012 Remarks in Tampa Following the Florida Primary
Mitt Romney February 4, 2012 Remarks in Las Vegas Following the Nevada Caucuses
Mitt Romney February 7, 2012 Remarks in Denver, Colorado Following the Minnesota and Colorado Caucuses and the Missouri Primary
Mitt Romney February 10, 2012 Remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference
Mitt Romney February 24, 2012 Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club in Detroit, Michigan
Mitt Romney February 28, 2012 Remarks in Novi, Michigan Following the Michigan and Arizona Primaries
Mitt Romney March 6, 2012 Remarks in Boston, Massachusetts Following the “Super Tuesday” Primaries and Caucuses
Mitt Romney March 19, 2012 Remarks at the University of Chicago: “The Freedom to Dream”
Mitt Romney March 20, 2012 Remarks in Schaumburg, Illinois Following the Illinois Primary
Mitt Romney March 30, 2012 Remarks in Appleton, Wisconsin: “Freedom and Opportunity”
Mitt Romney April 3, 2012 Remarks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Following the Wisconsin, Maryland, and District of Columbia Primaries
Mitt Romney April 3, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Mitt Romney April 4, 2012 Remarks to the Newspaper Association of America in Washington, D.C.
Mitt Romney April 5, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
Mitt Romney April 11, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in Hartford, Connecticut
Mitt Romney April 13, 2012 Remarks to the National Rifle Association National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri
Mitt Romney April 17, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
Mitt Romney April 18, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in Charlotte, North Carolina
Mitt Romney April 19, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in Lorain, Ohio
Mitt Romney April 24, 2012 Remarks in Manchester, New Hampshire Following the Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island Primaries
Mitt Romney May 8, 2012 Remarks in Lansing, Michigan: “A New Course for America”
Mitt Romney May 12, 2012 Commencement Address At Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia
Mitt Romney May 15, 2012 Remarks In Des Moines, Iowa
Mitt Romney May 18, 2012 Videotaped Remarks On Cuban Independence Day
Mitt Romney May 23, 2012 Remarks on Education at The Latino Coalition’s Annual Economic Summit in Washington, D.C.: “A Chance For Every Child”
Mitt Romney June 7, 2012 Remarks in St. Louis, Missouri: “A Champion For Free Enterprise”
Mitt Romney June 15, 2012 Remarks in Stratham, New Hampshire
Mitt Romney June 19, 2012 Excerpt of Remarks in DeWitt, Michigan
Mitt Romney June 21, 2012 Remarks to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials in Orlando, Florida
Mitt Romney June 28, 2012 Remarks Following The Supreme Court’s Decision On President Obama’s Healthcare Law
Mitt Romney July 11, 2012 Remarks at the NAACP Convention in Houston, Texas
Mitt Romney July 24, 2012 Remarks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Reno, Nevada
Mitt Romney July 29, 2012 Remarks to the Jerusalem Foundation in Jerusalem, Israel
Mitt Romney July 31, 2012 Remarks in Warsaw, Poland: “Freedom And Friendship”
Mitt Romney August 11, 2012 Remarks Introducing Representative Paul Ryan as the 2012 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee in Norfolk, Virginia
Mitt Romney August 14, 2012 Remarks In Chillicothe, Ohio
Mitt Romney September 11, 2012 Remarks To the National Guard Association Conference in Reno, Nevada
Mitt Romney September 12, 2012 Remarks on Yesterday’s Attacks on American Diplomatic Missions in Egypt and Libya
Mitt Romney September 17, 2012 Remarks to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, California
Mitt Romney September 25, 2012 Remarks to the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City
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